Miracle of Dispensation

Toyia Jackson

Meet Dr. Toyia Jackson, Managing partner in the Jackson 5 and a respected leader in philanthropy and entrepreneurship with a decade of international business experience. She's dedicated to creating sustainable business models using social capital, execution, and education. A declaration empowers individuals to control their personal information, creating a secure and inclusive online world. Dr. Jackson believes Social ID aligns with her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity while maintaining trust and integrity in all her professional endeavors.

Vassal Benford

Vassal Gradington Benford III, a successful American producer, relies on a Declaration to protect his online reputation from spoofing. With box-office hits like "After" and prominent projects like "300" and "Power," he values secure digital interactions. In music, authenticity is crucial, with platinum hit "Be Right There" generating a billion streams. Declaration ensures Benford's identity is secure, enhancing trust and security in his work.

Raz B

Raz B, a former B2K member, made significant contributions to the music industry. He released his first independent single, "Fire," which debuted on the Billboard charts, reaching #2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales and Billboard Hot Singles Sales. Protecting his identity in the digital space, A Declaration enhances trust and authenticity, crucial for an artist pushing music on an independent level.

Professional Suite For Creators

Browser Extension

Beatify's browser extension is a reliable security solution for your online browsing and transactions. Featuring real-time protection and verification, it ensures your digital interactions are always trustworthy. With its user-friendly features for managing payments, it provides a professional yet accessible way to navigate social media and handle your finances securely. Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with Beatify's advanced security features.

Beatify Desktop

Beatify Desktop: The Ultimate Content and Payment Validator By incorporating cutting-edge cryptographic technology, Beatify Desktop provides unbeatable validation for your content and payments. Our secure and authentic validation process guarantees protection against fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring the complete integrity of your digital interactions. With Beatify Desktop, you can be supremely confident that your content is verified and your payments are processed with utmost safety, providing the ultimate digital experience.

Genesis Player

Listen Everywhere! The Beatify Intelligent Player is an amazing media organizer that brings all your playlists together for a seamless and enjoyable listening experience. It uses cutting-edge technology to organize your playlists smartly, so your favorite tracks are always within reach. This revolutionary approach makes your listening experience safer, more personalized and efficient than ever before.

Embrace Freedom - Be Inspired

Empower yourself with a Certifyd Declaration – a powerful digital identity that inspires you to reach for greatness and connect with others on a meaningful level. With unbreakable cryptographic security, your personal information is safeguarded, eliminating any fear of identity theft. And with the power of distributed ledger payments, you can conduct transactions with unparalleled transparency and confidence. So seize the moment, take charge of your digital identity today, and unlock a limitless realm of possibilities!

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